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Invent IoT - A place to post your IoT knowledge

Invent IoT is a new blog / information sharing site created by me (Dan).  I work in IT and have a passion for anything which advances the way we live our lives.  I wanted to get involved in the IoT, IoE and Connected Home world when I realised already in 2015 there is a vast array of different sensors, gadgets, products, firms etc all in the IoT world.

Looking for some ideas on IoT and how I can start my journey to the connected home I didn't really find much more than some marketing material and many many products on the market.  I want you guys to offer your dealings in the IoT world and share what you have learned to the Invent IoT community, ultimately creating a free resource for all who are interested in the world of IoT.  Feel free to signup and post your dealings with IoT and connected homes from, home CCTV to connected fridges.

Any topic you feel will be worth sharing with the users of IoT just post it! Any knowledge we can share will give others ideas and the encouragement to get connected.

And remember ... think outside the box


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