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British Gas get even further into bed with Hive

British Gas have revamped their Hive offering, Hive 2 is born.

Whats new with Hive 2?

The new Hive thermostat fuses beautiful design with clever control. With 12 Dulux-inspired colours, you can now customise your thermostat frame too.

We've added new features to our award-winning app to give you even more control:

  • Heating boost to extend your heating outside your normal schedule.
  • Holiday mode so you can set your heating to 'sleep' whilst you're away.

British Gas

With Hive, you'll never have to heat an empty home or come back to a cold one.

It lets you control your heating and hot water from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. So whether you're at work, on the bus or in the pub, Hive lets you change the temperature of your home in just a few taps.

Hive works with your existing heating system and there's no need to change your energy supplier. If you have a separate hot water tank, you can control your hot water too.


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